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PAX ROMANA National Executives visit and interact with Bishop Matthew Gyamfi



Rev. Fr. Benedict Kwabena Badu (Bishop’s Secretary)

On Monday, June 20, 2022, some National Executives of the IMCS Pax Romana visited the Catholic Bishop of Sunyani, Most Rev. Matthew Kwasi Gyamfi to have some interactions with him ahead of their upcoming National Pax and Alumni Conference (NAPAC’’ 22) which will be held at the Our Lady of Rosary Chaplaincy (KNUST) from 8th – 10th July 2022.

Among the issues discussed with Bishop Matthew was How to keep Catholic Students very active in the Catholic Faith. The Executives also presented to the Bishop some policies and initiatives of the National Executives.

Keeping Catholic Students Active in the Faith

In his fatherly counsel to the executives, Bishop Matthew encouraged that, the Catholic student needs to know the Catholic Faith. This, he said could be done by taking time to read about the Church. He recommended the YOUCAT, which is an easy-to-read and understand Catechism for the youth. The Bishop told them that “you are who you are and you believe what you read”, meaning, when you can know by yourselves through learning, it is difficult to be swayed off.

Bishop Matthew further advised them that they should not take eloquence to mean faith; they should therefore take time and discern to be able to identify the True Faith that we have as Catholics.

Policies and Initiatives of Pax Romana National Executives

  1. Pax Green Ghana Movement

Among the policies and initiatives presented to the Bishop was the Pax Green Ghana Movement. This, they said was encouraged by the Holy Father’s Laudato Si encyclical and the Ghana Catholic Bishop’s Conference’s (GCBC) Five Year Action Plan of the Laudato Si. The executives said that the Plan will be launched at the KNUST Chaplaincy by planting trees around the Chaplaincies. This will be carried out by all locals in their respective Chaplaincies.

Most Rev. Matthew Gyamfi commended the leadership for such a brilliant initiative. He encouraged them not to limit their planting to only the Chaplaincies but should be extended to parishes, hospitals, streets, and many more.

  1. Synod on Synodality  

Presenting on the second initiative of the Pax Leadership, Mr. Albert Bandoh, the National President mentioned that plans are being carried out to educate Pax members on the idea of Synod, after which they will have a mini-synod and present their ideas to the GCBC.

The Bishop was highly impressed by the initiative of the Pax Executives to get the entire Pax membership involved in the Synodal process. He spoke to them about the need to build the Church together as one community.

  1. Pax Educational and Scholarship Fund

This, the Pax National President said, will be a means of helping needy but brilliant Catholic students. The executives were convinced that this, once begun, will bring brighter hope to future Pax members.

Applauding such a wonderful initiative, Most Rev. Matthew Kwasi Gyamfi recommended to the executives that they need to be creative to gather more funds so that it will not be a nine-day wonder; they must educate beneficiaries on the need to give back and then follow up and checking on beneficiaries.

Closing their discussion, Bishop Matthew gave each of the representatives a copy of the YOUCAT and encouraged them to learn and teach their brethren about the Catholic Faith.